Clarus Global Alliance, LLC


Your Property Tax Team in Due Diligence 

Maximizing tax savings the day you close; and,

Making future taxes more predictable. 

What We Do


Property Tax Review (PTR) Report

  • Avoid the nightmare of a bad tax forecast

  • Discover opportunities to make taxes predictable

  • Quicken the lender's underwriting. They love us.

  • Order a PTR Report before or during due diligence


Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) Report

  • Save tens/hundreds of $1,000s the day you close

  • Set the appropriate value for future taxes

  • All with a report paying for itself many times over

  • Order a PPA for allocations at the closing


Long-term Tax Agreement (LTA)

 The PTR tells us if something's possible:

  • A PILOT or TIF agreement

  • Some other short- or long-term tax agreement

  • We'll go get it


A brief


goes a long way!


We'll respond soon

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